Tonka the wombat. Thriving in care!

Tonka is thriving in care! He continues to gain weight and his is becoming more confident every day. He now weighs nearly three kilos! He drinks four bottle a day and no longer requires a feed in the middle of the night! Tonka still lives in a pouch. If Tonka was living in the wildContinue reading “Tonka the wombat. Thriving in care!”

Tonka the movie star!

Naturally like all the other wombats in my care (see my previous posts) Tonka had to have his own movie! But like all divas, Tonka gets ready for action at his own pace! You can’t hurry an actor! Tonka’s movie. Stay tuned for more Tonka news! You can follow me on Instagram wombats_and_wildlife_heljan09. If youContinue reading “Tonka the movie star!”

Tonka – the joey wombat!

Tonka arrived in care at four months of age, weighing just over 800 grams after his mum was hit by a car. Luckily he didn’t suffer any injuries himself. Tonka is fed a specialised milk formula five times a day. Tonka took quickly to his bottle and devours every feed! I am sharing care ofContinue reading “Tonka – the joey wombat!”

When things go wrong – wombat runaway!

This is the story of Merlin, a wombat escapee! Merlin was due for release (weighing around 23 kilos) but instead of waiting for a suitable release site, he burrowed out of his enclosure, out of the garden and escaped around Mt Ainslie, one of the reserves in Canberra. Although technically ‘in the wild’, escaping intoContinue reading “When things go wrong – wombat runaway!”

Flashback fun!

One month ago today, Elsie and Barney were released safely into the wild! With four possums in care and the arrival of two cygnets, I remain busy – plus I still teach in a primary school every day. However each day I look outside at the wombat enclosure (where my pet rabbit now runs free)Continue reading “Flashback fun!”

Elsie and Barney – released!

The big day finally arrived! Well the big day arrived two months ago, but it ended up being postponed due to border closures because of the pandemic. So Elsie and Barney were more than ready for life in the wild! Our morning started with a cuddle from Elsie – did she know her big dayContinue reading “Elsie and Barney – released!”

Bonding to …… goodbye !

For those readers new to my blog – welcome! Other readers will know the story of Elsie and Barney. But let me re-cap – Elsie arrived weighing just 120 grams – so tiny! She is the tiniest wombat joey I have ever had the privilege to worked with. Barney joined Elsie months later weighing 600Continue reading “Bonding to …… goodbye !”

October 22 – Wombat Day!

Yes, there’s actually a day these delightful creatures are celebrated – October 22nd! It started around 2005 and ever since then Oct 22 is known as Wombat Day in Australia. Some call it World wombat day, but I doubt half the world even knows about wombats (despite my blog!) let alone celebrates them! The dayContinue reading “October 22 – Wombat Day!”

Are wombats vicious?

Are wombats vicious or dangerous? This is one question I am asked the most! Like any of us, wombats will protect themselves, their young and their territory. A wombat’s first response is to run for the safety of their burrow! Once they are at the entrance of their burrow they will use their large bodyContinue reading “Are wombats vicious?”

Movie stars

In what little spare time I have, between teaching and caring for wildlife, I enjoy making movies ! With a diva wombat like Elsie and clueless Barney, I have the perfect actors! Nothing is ever staged – filming demonstrates wombats natural love of cuddling, rolling, playing and fighting! This film shows some of Elsie’s developContinue reading “Movie stars”