Tonka the movie star!

Naturally like all the other wombats in my care (see my previous posts) Tonka had to have his own movie!

But like all divas, Tonka gets ready for action at his own pace! You can’t hurry an actor!

Too tired!
Slow motion yawn!

Tonka’s movie.

Movie mad using Imovie.

Stay tuned for more Tonka news!

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If you find any injured wildlife, please contact your local wildlife group. It’s against the law to keep any wildlife for longer than 48 hours in the ACT unless you are a licensed wildlife carer. Even 48 hours is too long – a joey kept for the sake of getting cuddles and photographs will quickly become stressed and die without the proper care. Please call you local wildlife group.

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Wildlife carer, animal rights supporter, teacher, presenter.

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