Hi! Welcome to my blog! I am passionate about animals and their welfare, especially wildlife. I’ve been working with Australian wildlife for over 15 years. I have had many memorable experiences working with bats, swimming with swans, raising tiny wombats and possums as well birds and tawny frogmouths – I’ll tell you more about those shortly!

I once worked in Canberra’s animal welfare clinic rescuing, assessing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife. Over many years I saw the trauma suffered by vulnerable animals. I ended up completely exhausted and burnt out. I took a year off to recover and during this time completed my Bachelors Degree in Education. I returned to working with wildlife in a volunteer capacity with ACT Wildlife – Canberra’s wildlife rescue organisation. I also work full time in a primary school teaching. I love teaching children and sharing my stories about working with our unique and beautiful wildlife!

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