Tonka the wombat. Thriving in care!

Tonka is thriving in care! He continues to gain weight and his is becoming more confident every day. He now weighs nearly three kilos! He drinks four bottle a day and no longer requires a feed in the middle of the night! Tonka still lives in a pouch. If Tonka was living in the wildContinue reading “Tonka the wombat. Thriving in care!”

Tonka the movie star!

Naturally like all the other wombats in my care (see my previous posts) Tonka had to have his own movie! But like all divas, Tonka gets ready for action at his own pace! You can’t hurry an actor! Tonka’s movie. Stay tuned for more Tonka news! You can follow me on Instagram wombats_and_wildlife_heljan09. If youContinue reading “Tonka the movie star!”

Australian Snakes! The Red Belly Black snake and the Eastern Brown snake.

My love of snakes started when I was employed at the wildlife clinic. A Red Belly Black snake was brought into the clinic with its head stuck in a soda can. The can was gently removed from the snake and then we let the snake slither away. The movement of a snake can be mesmerizingContinue reading “Australian Snakes! The Red Belly Black snake and the Eastern Brown snake.”

Tonka – the joey wombat!

Tonka arrived in care at four months of age, weighing just over 800 grams after his mum was hit by a car. Luckily he didn’t suffer any injuries himself. Tonka is fed a specialised milk formula five times a day. Tonka took quickly to his bottle and devours every feed! I am sharing care ofContinue reading “Tonka – the joey wombat!”

A Puggle – a baby echidna

Australia has the only two monotremes in the world. A monotreme is a mammal that lays an egg. The two types of monotremes are the echidna and the platypus. I’ve never had a platypus in care – but I have had a few echidnas, see my earlier posts. The baby echidna is called a puggle.Continue reading “A Puggle – a baby echidna”

Natalie – release. The final chapter!

After failing to release Natalie the first time, I called on a few swans to help me! Actually I called on another wildlife carer who had two swans in care. I needed some swans to show Natalie that she’s not ‘just like me’, but is rather, just like them! We always try to pair upContinue reading “Natalie – release. The final chapter!”

Natalie (the black swan) release. Part 1 !

Natalie is over four months old. At this stage of development, young swans are ready to leave their parents and go their own way. Natalie demonstrated all the necessary survival skills – seeking water if concerned (for safety), finding food and long run offs to practise her flying! The time came to release Natalie! ReleaseContinue reading “Natalie (the black swan) release. Part 1 !”

Natalie – the black swan!

Many cygnets (baby swans) come into care. This story is about Natalie ~ who was named after Natalie Portman, from the film The Black Swan! Natalie was handed into a vet clinic by a member of the public. The member of the public told the vet that Natalie was found alone by the side ofContinue reading “Natalie – the black swan!”

Crimson and Eastern Rosellas

Most people I meet love wildlife. They are fascinated by stories of cute wombat and possum joeys. But as soon as I talk about birds, people are turned off. Birds in care are lovely! Especially our Crimson (my favorite) and Eastern rosellas. Rosellas are native to Australia. They nest in hollows in trees and areContinue reading “Crimson and Eastern Rosellas”

When things go wrong – wombat runaway!

This is the story of Merlin, a wombat escapee! Merlin was due for release (weighing around 23 kilos) but instead of waiting for a suitable release site, he burrowed out of his enclosure, out of the garden and escaped around Mt Ainslie, one of the reserves in Canberra. Although technically ‘in the wild’, escaping intoContinue reading “When things go wrong – wombat runaway!”