Tonka the wombat. Thriving in care!

Tonka is thriving in care! He continues to gain weight and his is becoming more confident every day. He now weighs nearly three kilos! He drinks four bottle a day and no longer requires a feed in the middle of the night!

Getting up isn’t easy!

Tonka still lives in a pouch. If Tonka was living in the wild he would still be living in his mum’s pouch and venturing out to play around her while she rested in the burrow. Tonka’s confidence is growing and he regularly comes out of the pouch to play!


Playtime is vital for development! Not only does it help Tonka develop strength but teaches him how to defend himself in the wild. Head butting, biting and ‘donkey kicks’ are all survival techniques he practices with me! Ouch!

I also take Tonka outside each day. Although wombats are nocturnal, fresh air and sunshine are good for his growth and he experiences a range of sounds and smells!

Slowly Tonka’s confidence to venture out of the pouch grows!

Tonka also loves the tyre swing!

The rocking motion of the swing must feel similar to mum’s movement because it often makes Tonka fall asleep!

Stay tuned for more Tonka news! 🐾🐾

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If you find any injured wildlife, please contact your local wildlife group. It’s against the law to keep any wildlife for longer than 48 hours in the ACT unless you are a licensed wildlife carer. Even 48 hours is too long – a joey kept for the sake of getting cuddles and photographs will quickly become stressed and die without the proper care. 🐾🐾

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