Tonka – the joey wombat!

Tonka arrived in care at four months of age, weighing just over 800 grams after his mum was hit by a car. Luckily he didn’t suffer any injuries himself.

Tonka is fed a specialised milk formula five times a day. Tonka took quickly to his bottle and devours every feed!

Bottle time!
Still sucking even when the bottle is finished!

I am sharing care of Tonka with another carer. Although we generally limit passing animals in care around, sharing care of a joey takes into account our other commitments. Our shared care is almost identical – same bedding, same set up, same equipment and we both have quiet homes with no other pets or children. It’s vital to Tonka’s development that routines are the similar to reduce any stress.

Tonka is old enough not to require an addition heat source such as a humidicrib. He sleeps in a pouch in a portacot. He’s very used to the routine and is often found sitting on top of his pouch ready for his bottle.

Cuddle time!

Tonka is thriving! We monitor each animal’s growth and development and we try to replicate what happens in the wild. At this stage Tonka spends most of his time in his pouch – but he’s starting to venture out. His confidence is growing, he’s healthy and happy and gaining weight!

Remember, in the ACT it’s against the law to keep any wildlife for longer than 24 hours unless you are a licensed wildlife carer. Other states have their own laws, please check in your local area. If you find injured wildlife, please do not try to raise it yourself, they need specialised care and treatment. ❤️

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One thought on “Tonka – the joey wombat!

  1. Tonka is adorable. Thank you to you and his other amazing carer for all you do. He’s got quite a personality and I can see him getting more and more energetic and interested in life outside his pouch.


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