Movie stars

In what little spare time I have, between teaching and caring for wildlife, I enjoy making movies ! With a diva wombat like Elsie and clueless Barney, I have the perfect actors! Nothing is ever staged – filming demonstrates wombats natural love of cuddling, rolling, playing and fighting!

Made using Imovie.

This film shows some of Elsie’s develop from when she arrived in care as a tiny 120 gram wombat to now a whopping 20 plus kilos! Her journey has been a long one, nearly 2 years with a few hurdles along the way, Barney arrived in care weighing months later weighing over 600 grams – he now weighs over 18 kilos.

Release back into the wild where these two belong is fast approaching! I’ll be blogging more soon!

You can follow Elsie and Barney on Instagram- wombats_and_wildlife_heljan09.

Published by helenjhardy

Wildlife carer, animal rights supporter, teacher, presenter.

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