Elsie and Barney! How are they?

My lovely Elsie and Barney are well, fat and happy! Most animals in care are slightly heavier compared to the same species at the same stage of development that is living in the wild. That’s because animals in care have an abundance of food and very little stress!

Just relaxing in the sunshine!

However, although life is good, Elsie has naturally developed the skills she will need to survive in the wild. The most important one – growling at anything or anyone!

Sound up! That’s Elsie grumbling!

Elsie though still loves a cuddle!

Well, Elsie loves a cuddle when SHE feels like it!

Barney loves exploring the garden – becoming confident and ready for the wild!

Elsie and Barney spend all their time outside now preparing for life in the wild. However sometimes Barney remembers the great indoors and wants back in!

Elsie though uses a clever strategy to keep me outside with her. Lying on my feet so I can’t move!

Although I don’t actually spend much time with them now (to help them separate from me), I still need to check them out occasionally to ensure they are well. But the count down is on – release is getting closer. They don’t have any bottles of milk now and rely on native grasses as they would in the wild. I know they can find grass, dig a burrow, growl or run if scared and generally survive without me! The babies that once ran to me, now run to a burrow – the perfect defense for life in the wild. The burrow now represents safety – mum does not, because mum won’t be there! 😭

Running for safety!

You can continue to follow Elsie and Barney’s development for a while yet. I’ll be blogging again soon !

Please share a link to my blog, but all images and videos are copyrighted. 🐾🐾

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