Ted gets a friend – meet Tilda!

As I wrote in an earlier post, many brushtail possums come into care – some hit by a car like Ted’s mum. But possums also face other problems – territorial fights, stress dermatitis, thrush or other illness, poisoning, animal attacks, burns, being trapped or abandoned. Many people also hate possums! They claim possums get into their roof. But possums in a roof space signal a roofing problem – not a possum problem! That possum has found a hole where your heat is escaping! So get a one way flap trap that locks the possum out (they leave at night and can’t re-enter) get the roof fixed, put up a possum box in a tree and learn to love with these delightful creatures! After all, we’ve dumped our homes on top of theirs! But this is Tilda’s story…


Meet Tilda !

Tilda came into care because she was abandoned by her mum. Perhaps mum was ill or maybe mum suspected that there was something wrong with Tilda. We will never know. Tilda arrived in care weighing about 250 grams, similar in weight to Ted. However, while Ted is relaxed, Tilda is bitey! She not only holds on with her claws, but also her teeth! Ouch!

Hanging on – with claws and teeth!

Tilda’s fur is grey and orange in colour. Ted is a more all over grey colour. Once Tilda had settled in and began accepting her 4 bottles a day, it was time to introduce her to Ted. Although possums are solitary animals, we buddy up wildlife so they learn how to be animals by copying each other’s behaviors and it reduces the bond with the carer.

Tilda meets Ted!

Ted was very gentle with Tilda! Part of being a possum is developing the muscles and strength to climb since they mostly arboreal. So in the evening – I am a tree! 😂 I sit and allow Ted and Tilda to practice climbing on me. Since I’m also ’mum’ it gives them bonding and nurturing time too which is vital to their development.

I am a tree!

Tilda and Ted are thriving in care! Their weight is increasing, they love their 4 bottles a day (from now I’ll increase the volume of possum milk and reduce the quantity to 3 bottles a day), they love fruit and they are healthy and happy! For now they live in pouches in a large cage inside my house.

Ted continues to be relaxed and Tilda is slowly calming down – I’ll be blogging more about them soon. You can also follow their development on instagram wombats_and_wildlide_heljan09.

Good night everyone! Sleep well! 💤

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