October 22 – Wombat Day!

Yes, there’s actually a day these delightful creatures are celebrated – October 22nd!

It started around 2005 and ever since then Oct 22 is known as Wombat Day in Australia. Some call it World wombat day, but I doubt half the world even knows about wombats (despite my blog!) let alone celebrates them! The day isn’t a holiday and even many Australians don’t know about it, but for wildlife carers – it’s a very exciting day! Aprons go on, wombat shaped cookies are baked and we spend most of the day playing with and talking about our wombats! Makes me wonder if every day isn’t wombat day since I spend most days talking about wombats!

New clothing line…..Holes by Elsie!
Nom nom nom – sweet potato!

Naturally to celebrate such an exciting day, I just had to make a new movie! Enjoy!

Film made using Imovie.

Release for Elsie and Barney is now only a few sleeps away. The stress is building! I’ll be blogging more soon!

Please share a link to my blog but all images and videos are copyrighted. 🐾🐾

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Wildlife carer, animal rights supporter, teacher, presenter.

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