Flashback fun!

One month ago today, Elsie and Barney were released safely into the wild! With four possums in care and the arrival of two cygnets, I remain busy – plus I still teach in a primary school every day. However each day I look outside at the wombat enclosure (where my pet rabbit now runs free) and I’m reminded of Elsie and Barney. I still miss them every day! However I have a little more freedom – freedom from worrying about them during rainy nights, freedom from collecting bags of grass, freedom from having to shop for kilos of sweet potatoes! I’m happy knowing they are where they belong – living their best life in the wild – safe, happy, free!

To celebrate one month on, I decided to make a movie! Enjoy!

Made using Imovie.

Wildlife continues to arrive in care – they don’t stop needing help. So on we go – but the memories of E and B, will always bring me a smile.

Please share a link to my blog but all images and videos are copyright. 🐾🐾

Published by helenjhardy

Wildlife carer, animal rights supporter, teacher, presenter.

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