Nearly all grown up!

Elsie is huge! At this stage of her development she would still be with her mum but her independence is growing! Although she still wants to come in the house (but isnt allowed!) she can head off and put herself to bed, taking Barney with her!

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Elsie and Barney still have a bottle each twice a day . Elsie should be weaning off her bottles but Barney still requires two bottles and it is impossible to feed one without the other!

Barney was fine! Elsie moved and pushed him off which was probably her sinister plan all along!

Barney is thriving as well! He can be a terror and I often use a teddy bear to distract Barney and save my body from bruises! All the biting and wrestling is in fun and part of the necessary play to enable him to develops his future protective skills.

At other times though, Barney is still very much a baby needing love and cuddles!

Elsie of course is still a baby requiring cuddles…or at least that’s what she thinks!

The release of Elsie and Barney is growing closer …. I still have a few more months to enjoy them but they will increasingly become more independent. I’ll be blogging more about their journey again soon.

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