Latest movie – a recap!

Just in case you haven’t read my blogs (and why not, what have you been doing?!) here’s a recap on the adventures of Elsie and Barney ! This is my latest movie. Elsie – from 120 grams to now a huge 18 kilos! Barney arrived in care months later weighing 600 grams and he now weighs around 16 kilos.

Movie format and music created using Imovie.

Elsie and Barney still have 2 bottles a day but the volume of milk is decreasing. They spend more time alone, doing what wombats do – eating grass, digging and playing at night time.

Release is looming closer 😭. I’ll be blogging more soon! Please continue to follow Elsie and Barney’s journey as they thrive in care.

Please share a link to my blog, but all images and videos are copyrighted.

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Wildlife carer, animal rights supporter, teacher, presenter.

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