Flattery is the sincerest form of flattery – or so Oscar Wilde said!

Even as a tiny joey, Elsie had 8 black nails and 2 pinks nails on her front paws! Very strange for a wombat but perhaps there was the tiniest something missing in her diet when she arrived in care at such a small size and stage of development.

As Elsie grew, her nails stayed the same – 8 black and 2 pink!

Look carefully and you can see the pink nails on her left paw. Image – Lindy Butcher.
Very long but clearly 2 pink nails.

Elsie is now a sub adult weighing around 15 kilos yet her nails remain the same. The two pink nails have never formed the darker colour. There’s clearly nothing wrong with her – she’s completely healthy and extremely happy! She has thrived in care!

Since I like having my nails done regularly I decided to do something in recognition of this delightful creature! I had my nails painted in what I now like to call ‘Elsie colours’!

Luckily I’m quirky enough to pull it off! Not many people colour co-ordinate with their wombat!

I’ll be blogging more soon! Stay tuned. You can also follow us on Instagram wombats_and_wildlife_heljan09.

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Wildlife carer, animal rights supporter, teacher, presenter.

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