Literally bowled over!

Elsie is almost too heavy to lift up now! She has also mastered a great skill – she runs at me, clips my leg and sends me flying! I am bowled over by her at least twice a day! I am covered in bruises!

Too chubby to roll over!

Elsie and Barney are still fed a bottle each, twice a day. Elsie stands up to have her bottle and gobbles it down – Barney takes more time and enjoys the cuddling and warmth.


After a bottle Barney gives great back massages!

Barney – physiotherapist extraordinaire!

The bond between Elsie and Barney is so strong! They are almost morphing into one wombat!

Feeling the ❤️
Always rolling around somewhere together!

Every where I look there seems to be lumps of wombats!

Elsie on top of Barney by the back door.

Elsie is still in charge though, and the ring leader! Elsie does what she wants and destroys what she wants!

Clearly not a fan of peg bags!
Destroying it, because she can!

Our lessons on ‘how to be outdoor wombats’ clearly isn’t going well!

Thank goodness we still have many more months of learning until release laster this year. For now though, stay tuned, I’ll. be blogging more soon.

Elsie moonwalks out of the shot!

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3 thoughts on “Literally bowled over!

  1. Elsie is still the most beautiful wombat girl. But I think i have a lot of respect for her now. I can only imagine how strong it is and when I think of bite wounds and your bruises, then somehow I have even more respect for you and what you do for these wonderful animals. I think I would have been a little bit scared 🙈😂 Even though I’m very little online right now, I follow you, Elsie, Barnie and everything Lindy posts. I’m always happy to see what’s new. Take good care and stay healthy 🍀 🙏🏾 🐨 🌿 🇦🇺 ❤️


    1. Hi Hovi! I agree with you – Elsie is really beautiful! The bruises and bites hurt, but it’s all part of their learning!
      I’m glad you are still enjoying the posts and stories! contact me anytime!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much and many, many hugs and kisses for you, Elsie, Barnie and all the other wonderful animals ❤️


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