Sibling ❤️

The bond between Elsie and Barney remains strong! Although wombats in the wild are solitary, these two have been raised together to lessen the bond with their carer and to ensure the wombats keep their ‘wombat’ behaviors. That’s the theory but carers and wombats still become very close which is evident in my other posts. When Elsie and Barney are released, they will go their own separate ways but for now they are close! Sometimes too close! They even seem to have the usual ‘sibling squabbles’!

It’s not easy getting up in the morning if your brother is standing on your head!

But brothers can be useful.

Elsie standing on Barney so she can reach my breakfast!

Brothers can also take the blame! Cleaning out the rabbit cage or trying to do any jobs around the garden with Elsie and Barney is never easy!

Elsie pulling out my bulbs.

Then there are times you just want to lie in the sunshine and enjoy a little sibling love and warmth!

But you know you’ll always help your brother out!

And help him find his way!

Their bond is strong and it’s a privilege being part of it.

I adore sharing their journey. I’ll be blogging more again soon.

Feel free to share a link to my page! But all videos and images are copyrighted – please do not copy or share. Thanks ❤️

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