One year to the day since Elsie arrived!

One year ago today – on the 14th March 2020 – a joey wombat was delivered to my house (see my first post). Little Elsie had been found in her dead mum’s pouch. She weighted just 120 grams, was dehydrated and a fetus! Those first few hours establishing her care – setting up the humidicrib and getting her to accept a bottle were the most stressful hours I think I’ve ever had!

Collapsing into bed that night, knowing I would have to get up again in 2 hours and wondering if she’d still be alive again when I woke up – was emotionally exhausting. But Elsie did survived! She survived the first 24 hours being fed every 2 hours! From then, although there have been problems along the way, she has continued to thrive!

So where is she today? One year on……? Today, 14 March 2021, after one year in care, Elsie is around 14/15 kilos and is 1 year, 3 months and 2 days old!

Belly rub!
Hmmmmm what’s in there?

Elsie is such a happy wombat! As for me – I’m one happy wildlife carer! I adore her! ❤️ But from now we are in the pre-release stage – she needs learn how to be a ‘real’ wild wombat and slowly transition away from needing me.

Stay tuned for more wombat and wildlife updates! More on Elsie (and Barney) soon. You can also follow us on instagram – wombats_and_wildlife_heljan09.

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