Elsie and Barney – wombats growing up too fast!


Elsie is big – I’ve given up trying to weigh her! Barney is probably around 11 kilos. They live permanently outdoors now – or at least that’s the expectation! Keeping them outside and away from the back door is a challenge!

Hiding under the bird cage!

I have to remind them frequently that they are outdoor wombats, preparing for life in the wild. But Barney is clever enough to open the back door! I’m thinking about putting a small moat at the bottom of the stairs to keep them out!

Elsie distracts me while Barney opens the door!

And again, they are in!

In again – even when I’m outside!

When they do get inside, they always create a little drama!

Bang! Elsie didn’t even flinch!
Barney and balloons!

Elsie still enjoys the camera and a good close up!

Close up!

Elsie and Barney are still bottle fed. In the wild a wombat around Elsie’s size would still be living with mum but transitioning off milk. Barney is younger so he’d still go up to mum to drink milk. Subadult wombats can’t fit in a pouch anymore, so the mother’s teat elongates to enable them feed from outside the pouch. So twice a day – at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm Elsie and Barney both have a bottle of special wombat formula.

Bottle time! Elsie stands – Barney cuddles!

Elsie has always loved bottle time! She finishes first – then she impatiently waits for Barney.

Communicating with Elsie.

As soon as Barney has finished his bottle – it’s Elsie time! Time for a cuddle!

Move Barney – my turn says Elsie!

And a kiss! Elsie loves her mum, she’s just a baby!

My favorite time!

I just adore these two! But Elsie has a special place in my heart. Who would have thought the tiny 120 gram joey would survive and grow into such a healthy, happy wombat! The hours and hours of hard work, worry and stress were clearly worth it. The pictures below are a reminder of Elsie 1 year ago when she arrived in care!

And my Elsie now!

Stay tuned for more on Elsie and Barney. I’ll be wom-blogging again soon!

All images are copyrighted- please do not use, reproduce or post elsewhere. ❤️

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