Elsie and Barney – what are they up to now?

The Elsie and Barney continue to thrive! Elsie is happy and robust and Barney has so much character! They continue to entertain and delight me! They both have two bottles a day – one in the morning and one at night before they go to bed.

Elsie likes to stand up for her bottle!

Elsie is a year old and weighs nearly 10 kilos! At this stage of development Elsie would still be with mum but is permanently out of the pouch. In the wild, her mum’s teat would elongate and protrude out of the pouch enabling Elsie to still drink milk. This explains why Elsie now stands to feed! This method of drinking closely models what she would do in the wild. The only difference is, after her feed Elsie likes to curl up in my arms and have a hug!


Barney is still a baby! He is 10 months old and weighs 8 kilos. Although he has transitioned to permanently being out of the pouch he is still quick to panic if he hears anything scary and needs mum!

Still sucking when the bottle is done.

But Barney is big enough now to take on the backstairs! He can travel up and downstairs, no more being carried around!

Barney – conquering the stairs

Their play though is still vital for development! They have a ball!

But sometimes, while little Barney is napping, Elsie and I have some extra bonding/play time. Her survival instinct are evident – she plays rough!


Elsie still creates a little chaos! Her main instinct now is to run to her burrow instead of mum.

When Elsie is napping, which isn’t very often, I try to spend a little one on one time with Barney! A little extra Barney bonding time !

While I enjoy trying to grab some individual time with each of the wombats I know that Barney has one love…. He just continues to adore Elsie!

Barney – such a clown!

Barney also likes to help around the house!

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Lovely Elsie and Barney are so delightful! Stay tuned, there’s so much more to come for these two! ❤️

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