12 December 2020 – Elsie turns 1 !

If you read my earlier blog you will know that Elsie came into care at only 3 months old and weighing a mere 120 grams. We weigh all animals when they arrive in care and record their progress to ensure they growing and developing as they should. Based on Elsie’s weight and development when she arrived in care, it is estimated that she was born on December 12th, 2020.

What a milestone to reach! There were so many times I didn’t think this little wombat would survive the night, the weeks, the months! Elsie now weighs nearly 10 kilos and is a happy, healthy, robust wombat!

Elsie and Barney!

On December 12th, we had a little party to celebrate Elsie’s 1st birthday! 🎉🎉Happy birthday lovely Elsie! 🎉🎉

Here’s to another 6 months with you, growing and thriving until release mid next year! 🐾

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Wildlife carer, animal rights supporter, teacher, presenter.

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