Elsie and Barney star in their own movie!

Sometimes, just for the fun of it… and because I like to fill every minute of my day.. I make silly movies! These movies get posted on social media. There’s a fairly large audience who love them. My viewers then spread the word about these movies and suddenly even more people develop a love of wombats and wildlife.

This one always makes me cry!

Barney wasn’t with me full time in the beginning so he doesn’t become a leading star a until the second film. Enjoy it here!

Elsie and Barney – leading characters.!

These videos aren’t set up – they are made using the normal filming of their natural play behaviours!

Wombat pirates.

Then for something different…. a scary one!

So frightening…

The end goal with these movies isn’t about ‘likes’ on social media. I guess followers are a important, but they aren’t following me – they are following the stories of our unique Australian wildlife. Interested people then spread the word and the education about our wildlife continues and grows. Learning about our wildlife leads to understanding, respect and care. There’s always the hope it leads to donations as well! ACT Wildlife is a registered charity and we are always needing donations. Check out our webpage if you’d like to contribute https://actwildlife.net.

Feel free to share and post the link to my blog, but all images are copyrighted and cannot be used elsewhere.

Movies and the sound track are created using Imovie.

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