A new year!

Rolling into 2021! Elsie the wombat demonstrates her exuberance and love of life!

Slow motion! Happy new year everyone!

Over Christmas and new year, I continued to have ducklings in care, crimson rosellas and of course Elsie and Barney the wombats! Barney loved helping me care for the wood ducks!

Barney helping round up the wood ducks!

Barney even had the opportunity to meet my pet rabbit called Gary! Barney showed his gentle side as always. Although we don’t normally mix wildlife and domestic pets, a rabbit is something the wombats will see in the wild so I wasn’t too concerned when they met. Luckily Elsie was busy in her burrow so she and Gary didn’t meet. I’m not sure Gary would survive meeting Elsie!

Barney the wombat meets Gary the rabbit!

Elsie and Barney still have a bottle in the morning then they head outside for a play. When they have had enough playtime time and have filled up on grass, they race into their large enclosure, enter their burrow and sleep for the day. Wombats are nocturnal so now that they no longer require daytime bottles, they sleep through most of the day.

Heading outside in the morning.

In the late afternoon they wake up and spend their time playing, rolling, chasing each other and eating grass.

Late at night I bring them inside for a cuddle, their bottle and they put themselves to bed in their indoor enclosure.

Heading downstairs at the end of the day to bed.

These quiet times at night are still my favorite. The bond between us – especially between Elsie and I is beautiful! This year that bond will weaken as she learns to be a wombat and grows away from, and forgets ‘mum’ (me)! That change is vital for her future survival, but for now, she’s still my baby!

Having a sleep together!

Barney on the other hand is crazy! His bond, although with me is strong, his attachment to Elsie is stronger. He also doesn’t hold back with bodily functions! Turn up the sound and look closely if you want to see a farting wombat! It wasnt me!

Elsie, Barney and I wish you the very best for 2021! You can make this year whatever you want it to be… and you can be whatever you want to be .. if you want to be a turtle like Elsie, go ahead!

Be like Elsie, be whatever you want to be!

And remember, this year… take time to stop and smell the flowers!

I’ll blog more soon! You can also follow me on instagram wombats_and_wildlife_heljan09

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