The great outdoors?

So Elsie and Barney loved their time exploring the great outdoors – well the great outdoor enclosure actually! They climbed, went digging, ran around and ate something but I have no idea what it was! It looked like rocks or dirt – something that was tasty for a wombat!

So tasty Elsie won’t share.

But once we came inside, exhaustion hit! I have to remind myself that these active little bulldozers are still just babies! They still need around 22 hours of sleep a day!

What the evening looks like after being in the garden for the afternoon!

Although Barney’s developmental stage has him still in a pouch, Elsie’s is transitioning to leaving the pouch permanently. However even when joeys leaves the pouch permanently they still maintain the close bond with mum for another year! This happens in the wild and also when in care. You can see that Elsie is still very attached to me. And frankly, this girl has been in my care since she was three months old (she’s nearly nine months old now) so my bond with her is pretty solid too! I can’t help but adore her!

Elsie, Barney and I really needed a big sleep after our outdoor adventure. Even when it was time to wake up for a bottle, Elsie and Barney were slow to get moving! Elsie moved a little quicker probably because she loves her bottle!

Barney’s legs in the air! Disclaimer:This content (the above video only) is exclusively managed by Caters News Agency. To license or use in a commercial player please contact or call +44 (0) 121 616 110

So did my plan to help build the bond between Elsie and Barney work? They certainly look closer. I suspect the occasional nip or pounce will still happen but that’s ok.

So let’s see where these babies take us next. Follow my blog – I’ll be wombat blogging again shortly. That’s if Elsie and Barney ever fully wake up and recover from their adventure in the great outdoors!

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