⚽️ Let’s play ball! ⚽️

Barney has always been the more aggressive of the two wombats. Elsie can bite hard, but when she plays, there’s still a certain gentleness. Yes I am covered in bites, knocked off my feet and have many bruises but Elsie plays differently. Barney is just aggressive – growling, jumping up and repeatedly attacking Elsie and I! It’s all part of necessary learning but it still hurts. So the answer is to always make sure Barney has something to play with. The answer came in a soccer ball!

Barney growls and hisses and occasionally farts as he dominates the ball!

In fact it doesn’t matter what type of ball – any ball will do!

The ball represents a challenge, it moves and is hard enough to bite – probably similar to the rump of a female wombat!! Barney has a ball – literally!

All this sport is thirsty work! Barney checks out the fridge! What is he looking for?

Stay tuned for more blogging about Elsie and Barney.

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Wildlife carer, animal rights supporter, teacher, presenter.

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