Your own piece of wildlife!

Elsie, Barney, Lily, Mitchell and the others now have a shop!

Are you interested in owning your own little piece of some of the wildlife that are in care? Are you interested in helping a charity that rescues, rehabilitated and releases Australian wildlife? Woo hoo! Then jump on Redbubble and make a purchase. The funds raised go towards helping our Australian wildlife in care.

Redbubble isn’t an easy site to navigate – but google Redbubble and hunt for Elsie the wombat and the others. I apologies that a few items are expensive, but there are several items that are reasonable – unfortunately I can’t control their costs.

All the images in this blog are copyrighted but buying through Redbubble enables you to have an Elsie shirt, a Barney notebook or Lily stickers!!

ACT Wildlife are a not for profit charity. We continually try to raise funds – we receive very little support from the government. The money raised helps the animals by allowing us to purchase food and equipment (such as aviaries) for their rehabilitation.

Even my horse is on Redbubble! Why not buy a great t-shirt for Christmas!

Have fun shopping! I’ll be posting more about Elsie and Barney soon. I’m also planning a post on a few tawny frogmouths – such fascinating animals! Stay tune, and please go shopping today! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Wildlife carer, animal rights supporter, teacher, presenter.

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